Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Newest Boxes

I made this box for my friends Aunt. 

This box was made for 24 year old Ashlee. A Mama of a 2 year old little girl, requested by her sister. 

Newest box for "Pops"

Made for someones father who is fighting Mesothelioma

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sad news

It saddens me to share this news with you all. I recently received an email from the Aunt of Maddie, one of our Project Kiddie Hope recipients, that Maddie had passed away last month. She was unconscious and was never able to see her box. I am truly grateful to have been able to have made her a box and my prayers and thoughts go out to her family. I hope that her family will use the box to place wonderful photos of happier times and fond memories of their sweet little girl. 
I was told that this particular quote, which is on a card inside Maddie's box, brought a little bit of comfort to her family and was used on the prayer card at the funeral home.

If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together there is something you must always remember.
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is, even if we're apart, I'll always be with you.

~ Christopher Robin

Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcoming Spirit

I was recently contacted by the blog author of "Welcoming Spirit" asking if a group of volunteers could make some cards for Nana's Box. I was so excited when those cards arrived in the mail today! Such beautiful cards from some wonderful people. Thank you for taking the time to make them. Future Nana's Boxes will now be completed with your beautiful cards!
You can read more about Paula over at Welcoming Spirit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them.
When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope?
We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell.

~Lance Armstrong

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project Kiddie Hope boxes

I've finally got all the Project Kiddie Hope boxes mailed out. It was a big task but I am so grateful to have been able to send these precious little ones something to help make their journey a little bit easier. A {BIG} thank you to all the generous woman who donated hats, materials, headbands, time and more to this project. Your donations are truly appreciated. I've posted a little bit about each child who received a box. You can read more about this project here.
~ Ava ~
Ava is 4 years old and has Moya Moya. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and she loves princess stuff especially Cinderella. Her box was requested by the mother of a woman who works with Ava's mom.

~ Camryn ~
Cami is 5 years old and has ALL. She loves pink, she is very girlie! She enjoys dancing, drawing, animals, rainbows and butterflies, cute frogs, princesses, movie nights, play dates, baths, jumping on the trampoline, preschool, arts and crafts, making friends, laughing, and reading books. Cami loves anything with polka dots, or sparkles.

~ Gracie ~
My beautiful niece Gracie was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (cancer). It is still early in the diagnosis and we are awaiting results to know more about the fight that Gracie will face. Gracie is a fighter and the bravest 3 year old I know.

~ Reese ~
Reese is 4 years old and was diagnosed with ALL a year ago last September. Last summer she was cancer free but will still have to have chemo for another two years. Reese's health is good. They are almost to the 18 month mark which is when they give her a 65% survival rate and this will continue to climb the longer she can make it without a relapse during treatment which is a total of 32 months. She receives Chemo every day at home however she is able to be a normal kid these days.

~ Maddie ~
She was originally diagnosed with leukemia when she was 7 1/2. She underwent 25 months of difficult chemotherapy and was cancer free for about 3 1/2 years. Unfortunately, Maddie relapsed this past July. Maddie is a special young lady for many reasons, she is the oldest of ten grandchildren. She loves movies and music, her brothers, swimming and skiing. She has a great sense of humor and is fun to be with. Maddie also has Down syndrome and has been a fighter since she was born. Her disability makes her illness particularly hard as she has little understanding of why she is sick. Maddie recently received a stem cell transplant from her brother, Ben.

~ Skyler ~

Skyler is four years old and has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He LOVES superheros, in fact we call him Super Skyler because he is our real life super hero. He also loves games, crafts, learning, and playing with friends. He has a heart of gold and loves sharing and giving away his toys to his friends.

~ Abigail ~
Abigail is 19 months old and has a pediatric cancer called Neuroblastoma. The tumor starts on her left kidney/adrenal gland and works its way up through her torso, behind her heart, and surrounds her aorta artery. From looking at the images of the CT scan, it looks like the tumor takes up about 25% of her total abdomen space. She recently had surgery which went very well.

~ Braylon ~
Braylon was diagnosed when he was 5 months old with (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He was in the ICU for about a month and was very sick and had to have a blood transfusion, He has fought hard through this past year and a half, he was even in remission for about a year. In December 2010 he had a relapse and they were planning for a bone marrow transplant, we were in the beginning stages of getting prepared for the transplant by getting more chemo because you have to be in remission before receiving a transplant, and they assumed he could go in remission again, but since he had a relapse its very difficult to get rid of. So he was sent home right before Christmas and was scheduled a bone marrow test January 4th and the results from that were surprising. It showed the chemo didn't touch the cancer. So they called me and my husband into talk and decided that we could not go further with the transplant because it would not work, they have gave Braylon very little time to live, because the cancer is very aggressive. We have set up Hospice to come out to the house and help with Braylon.

~ Brielle ~
Brielle is 10 1/2 years old and has Leukemia. She loves art/crafts, she is very talented at drawing and painting, loves dance and some sports. She is very much a people person and is very happy and positive and sometimes too talkative. For a 10 year old she has very strong faith and belief in Jesus Christ. She has 3 other sisters one of which is 5 years old and donated bone marrow to her 1 month ago to save her life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Volunteers and some lovely boxes

Jen, Ashley, & Julie (not pictured) ~ 3 of the most wonderful, amazing and crafty women I know. Thank you so {SO} much for your help in making these boxes for {Project Kiddie Hope} I could not have done it without you!

A {BIG} thank you to Kelley from Amy's Angels for sending some of the most beautiful cards for our little Project Kiddie Hope recipients. If you haven't checked out Amy's Angels it's a must.
"We are a group of women who have one goal: To send cards to people who are fighting cancer. Cards are sent free of charge to anyone around the world. These cards are hand crafted and a personal note is written inside each one. It is our hope to make a cancer patients day a little brighter."
Lastly, I was honored to be able to make a box for little Aubree. Aubree is the daughter of my former roommate, Autumn. Autumn is one of those people that you never forget. She has left an imprint on my heart. Last year her youngest was diagnosed with Leukemia. Little Aubree is fighting for her life and Autumn and the rest of her family are struggling to keep it together, be there for Aubree and pray that things will work out for the better.
My hope is that this box & all it's contents will be bring a bit of happiness to Aubree and her family during such a trying time. Autumn I {LOVE} ya and my prayers are with you, Aubree, and your family. xoXO